A Drive Over Land

A Novella

A Drive Over Land is a contemplative, pithy story of an elderly man in search of meaning after his wife’s death by retracing the steps of their past travels. Presented as a novella told in three parts, the story begins in the Pacific Northwest, winds through the American desert and Deep South, and ends in the Northeast. The narrator grows from being a misanthrope, cynical of what he perceives to be superficial and exploitative land uses, to deeply connected with the wilds of America – an evolution spurred by the memories of his wife’s pensive interactions with the natural world as he recalls them.

At its core is a plea for stewardship and mindfulness, communicated by the narrator as the persistent love for his deceased wife becomes intertwined with his admiration of the country he discovers. But ever-present is a common fear that both will be forgotten.


A Drive Over Land weaves together land ethics, religion, and American history into a profound and powerful narrative. In this modern era of questionable land policies, the erasure of ethics, and the dismantling of American identity, a story such as A Drive Over Land will prove to be a timely and vastly needed contribution to a much larger national conversation about who we are.

Portions of A Drive Over Land have published as a poem titled "Chisos Mountains," Mojave Heart Review, 2019.

A Drive Over Land is still in development. Check back here for updates. If you'd like more information, please feel free to contact the author at kevinwaynezerbe@gmail.com

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