A creative nonfiction graphic novel co-written with my sister, Erin Zerbe, chronicling the final two years of our father's life before he died from a heroin overdose. It's a work-in-progress, and a labor of love.


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Tidewater Stories

A collection of short fiction pieces inspired by the Tidewater region of southeastern Virginia, where I was raised. It's a region with a long history, full of complications. A place unique unto itself. There are five stories in the collection, each one connected by a shared question of what it means to be home.

These stories are still in development, but are hopefully published in the near future as a collection or individually.

Small Nature

A photographic collection devoted to the intimate details of nature that are often outshouted by the noise of urbanism. It's a contradiction of what I call "large nature," which I've spent much of my adult life photographing: the vistas of entire mountain ranges, the capturing of geologic time. Small nature is found in the birds on rooftops over looking highways, the tiny fish around your ankles on the lake's shore.

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