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This page outlines a few recent projects I have led or took part in. Click on the link for each one to learn more.

The State Enhanced Hazard Mitigation Plan (SEHMP) is Washington's go-to resource for natural hazard risk assessment and mitigation strategy information. The current plan is being updated prior to its expiration in fall of 2023.


Spatiotemporal analysis of fire activity is vital for determining why wildfires occur where they do, assessing wildfire risks, and developing locally relevant wildfire risk reduction strategies. Using various spatial statistical methods, we determined hot spots of large wildfires (> 100 acres) in Washington and mapped spatiotemporal variations in large wildfire activity from 1970 to 2020.


The Musconetcong River, in New Jersey, is a designated Wild & Scenic River in an urbanizing region that is impacting the river's water quality and hydrologic connectivity. I was part of a team of field researchers investigating the issue from 2017-2019.

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